Video: Dave Chappelle – The Age Of Spin (Full Comedy Special)

Dave Chappelle’s latest standup comedy in 2017, The Age of Spin, exclusive to Netflix. Live at the Hollywood Palladium.

Props and quote the Varsiz YT user.

“Regarding netflix and uploading this […] Dave Chappelle is not getting paid anything for you watching on netflix. He was paid to put two exclusive specials on netflix. He is already paid $60,000,000, and will receive nothing more from it. The only people profiting are Netflix from now on. Not everyone in the world has Netflix, and some countries don’t allow Netflix and can’t get it.”  So.. Enjoy.

Download: Dave Chappelle – The Age Of Spin (Full Comedy Special) (480p)

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    yeah boy… thank you sire…

  • bdowoo

    The Austin TX one is better. Honestly, just watch them all. Its not like you have anything better to do. -Shmack Shmack

  • Name

    The white girl at 44:25 keeps checking out the black guy sitting nxt to her. She is STARING at him way too hard and also looking out for her husband so he doesnt notice. I noticed that throughout the whole show lol, what a pathetic women.

    • realtalkbro

      Didn’t watch yet but that’s how it goes with some women.

      • yep

        I wonder if the white guy will see this when he re-watches this on Netflix. I think he will…. Sometimes you gotta get one of your buddies to secretly hit on your girl to test if she’s a THOT or not. I know a lot of people that got hurt/divorce bc of jungle fever, on both sides

    • Sasspurrella

      Oh please! The only pathetic anything is you trolling an audience member at a comedy show you’re watching on your TV how many years after if was filmed. Get a life and keep your weird shit to yourself.

      • wtf

        “trolling an audience member” How is that considered trolling? The very 1st row is right there on the BIG SCREEN next to Dave, so you see everything. She was staring back and forth between 2 men it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on. I bet you are one of those people just like her, a cheater. 60% divorce rate.

        • lol

          …or you’re a Cuck. That’s a new disgusting trend now too. You people are Weird!

    • mike

      and how the hell do you know who her husband was.. youre stupid as fuck

    • jaguar

      I noticed that too. That’s either one humorless cunt, or she’s got something on her mind.

    • Malik Brand

      I think you’re reading her wrong. if you have ever been to a mixed race comedy show then you would notice that the race of the person that the joke pertains to isn’t quite sure how to react so they look for comfirmation of laughter by the opposite race.


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  • Alex

    does anyone know the outro song?

    • NOBODY74

      A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It

      • Leo Charles

        Thanks! Do you know the song at 1:00:52, THANKS in advance

  • SwitchBlade

    thanks for this…. I have Netflix but I am in S. Korea and this isn’t available in the netflix library here yet and ive been dying to see it…. also it was so good and I think that Dave Chappelle could teach a really good history class

  • God bless you.

  • NOBODY74

    i was nervous. For some reason I thought Dave wouldn’t be as funny as before. He’s not as animated. I kinda miss that. But he hasn’t lost his Funny at all.

  • Stanley Kaye

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  • Leo Charles

    Anybody knows the song at 1:00:52, THANKS in advance

  • Malone

    Master storyteller

  • He never lost it! So glad this dude is back in full effect

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